Architectural and engineering visualizations require realistic CG people to bring imagery to life. Massive provides the industry's most advanced solution for populating visualisations. Using just one license of Massive Jet™ and some Ready To Run Agents™ such as Ambient Agent™ or Locomotion Agent™ any project can become a bustling environment filled with hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of photorealistic moving people.

Massive Jet™

Massive Jet™ is a cost-effective and efficient solution for populating large scenes. Typically visualisation projects don't require custom brain building or other such deeper aspects of Massive, so the simpler and more affordable Massive Jet is perfectly suitable for the task. It comes complete with Massive's unique renderer plugins facilitating efficient rendering of huge numbers of photorealistic people, and features all the same customisation potential for agent clothing, shading, lighting etc.

Ready To Run Agents™

Massive's Ready To Run Agents™ are complete with variations of geometry, texture maps and motion. Each agent comes with around 100 or more high-quality motion captured actions, captured at some of the world's top motion capture studios. Right out of the box the agents are able to avoid collisions with each other and are able to follow Flow Fields and Lanes so that directing them is a breeze requiring absolutely no scripting or programming.


Massive can work right alongside other 3D apps used in Visualisation. Thanks to Massive's comprehensive FBX importing it's easy to get buildings, terrain, cameras and even lights into Massive from 3DS Max, Cinema 4D and any other application that support FBX. If working with Maya, scenes can be directly imported from Maya Ascii files..
Once the geometry has been imported into Massive it's just a matter of placing the agents in the scene using Massive's convenient Place Tool. Agents can easily be directed around the environment via Flow Fields and Lanes.


Massive supports a range of top renderers used in Visualisation such as V-Ray, Arnold, Mental Ray, 3Delight, Air, and Pixar's RenderMan. Rendering tens of thousands of photorealistic people in a single pass is made possible using our renderer plugins.