Agents can be dropped into shots to create 3D character-based crowds of extras, allowing users to significantly speed up their workflow.

Massive streamlines the generation of arena spectators and crowds moving en masse with breakthrough Massive Ready to Run Agents.

Agent licenses are site licenses, so one agent license can be used across all Massive Prime, Massive Jet and Massive for Maya licenses simultaneously, and need no extra licenses for rendering.

Each Massive Ready to Run Agent is immediately available pre-built with skeletons, motions, AI, geometry, cloth, textures, shaders and controls.

Massive was designed to speed the work of creative people, even in the face of enormous scale challenges. Large or small effects studios will be able to shortcut the pre-production process, and focus instantly on design and composition, enabling much faster workflow.

Massive Ready to Run Agents make populating a large scene with Massive easily accessible to all visual effects artists. Just one Massive license coupled with a Massive Ready to Run Agent from our library allows a single animator to produce a complicated crowd shot in days instead of weeks or months. When you need to put a crowd in a coliseum or send a mob over a hill, plug in a Massive Ready to Run Agent and the shot is practically done.

Ready to Run Agents can now be rented. The new easily affordable monthly rates make shot production with our agents even more cost effective. The minimum rental period is 90 days, and this can be increased in 30 day increments as required.

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More agents coming soon.