Massive Insight™

“Massive Insight™ has a flexible AI–authoring environment for modeling the idiosyncrasies of complex, real–life behaviors into agents who use visual and auditory cues, as we do in real life.”

Simulation and visualization for the real world: Architecture, civil engineering, pedestrian planning, transportation, life safety, life science – and much more.

When it comes to 3D visualization, architects, engineers and designers are experiencing a new level of expectation from their clients and other stakeholders in the design and build process. It used to be enough to have a good quality, albeit static, 3D visualization. But today stakeholders increasingly expect to see dynamic scenes, with people moving in a realistic way, plants and trees swaying in the breeze, or vehicles dropping off passengers.

It is no longer enough to simply bring visualizations to life. To gain the greatest value, all stakeholders need to know that their visualizations are accurate, that that they can rely on them to prove that a given space will perform as intended.

Massive Insight meets these goals by bringing movie quality animation within easy reach of every architect while satisfying the demands of engineers for a very high degree of behavior and motion fidelity. We have achieved this through the combination of our unique artificial intelligence based agent technology and our unrivaled pedigree in the world of entertainment and media.

One key differentiating characteristic of Massive is that it employs an Artificial Life approach to AI. Artificial Life technology draws from the processes of nature rather than traditional simulation methodologies, providing for more inherently natural behavior than those seen in existing engineering solutions. Massive Agents act on their own behalf using the simulated natural senses of sight, hearing and touch.