Since The Lord Of The Rings, The Fellowship Of The Ring in 2001, Massive has appeared in hundreds of productions. Here is a list of just some of the feature films in which Massive was used.

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Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

"I was able to customize adaptation rules to control the behavior of the ants as they swarmed over each other through complicated environment geometry."

Kevin Kitchel - Imageworks
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"That's one of the things that Massive is really good at, that we can import an animated character into Massive, and then the other agents can react to that as if it was part of the simulation itself. "

Jon Allitt - WetaFX
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Avengers: Endgame

"We had artists on this film who did the battle scenes for Lord of the Rings, and so this was like taking them back to those heady days of giant armies clashing in a complex battle sequence. "

Matt Aitken - WetaFX


"There were individual behaviours required from each of the trench creatures, and we thought Massive would be the best way to go with that."

Julius Lechner - Scanline
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The Meg

"Massive was instrumental in leveraging procedural modifications of only one animation cycle to accomplish crowd behaviour with individual characteristics of shark motility."

Kevin Kitchel
Sony Imageworks
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Thor Ragnarok

"At three and a half miles long, the Rainbox Bridge was big enough to tax the team's Maya-based layout tools. Framestore used Massive crowd simulation software to populate the bridge with the opposing armies."

Framestore, London
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World War Z

"Most of these shots had hundreds to thousands of agents - humans running in complete terror, trying to help each other if they can, and Z's chasing after and taking down the easiest targets."

Lyle Cooley - Cinesite
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"ILM employed photogrammetry of the real location to create a fully CG environment, then used Massive to populate it with up to 50,000 digital extras."

Industrial Light & Magic
San Francisco


"There really was no other way we could have achieved what was required for the show, without using Massive."

Adam Watkins
CG Supervisor, Pixomondo
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Tron Legacy

"The coliseum featured a crowd of 500,000 cheering, jumping and yelling spectator programs in the background, realized through a Massive simulation."

Digital Domain